About Us

We pride ourselves with having the largest PET resin production capacity in West Africa to the tune of 150,000 tonnes per annum. We have a state-of-the­-art PET resin manufacturing facility, which has successfully obtained numerous certifications and recognition.

Engee PET Manufacturing Company Nigeria Limited is the leading manufacturer of the highest quality food-grade PET resin in West Africa. Our factory, that is situated at lgbesa -Ogun State was commissioned in 2017 and fully optimized with the latest production technologies and processes. Our product quality is guaranteed to be amongst the best in the world.

Engee PET Manufacturing Company Nigeria Limited was established in 2014 as a Greenfield Investment – as part of the Jotna Group backward integration project. Engee PET is led by the Managing Director, Alex Gendis and assisted by a dedicated and experienced team. Boasting the latest in Swiss Precision PET resin manufacturing technology, and with over 40 years of category experience, Engee PET is delighted to leverage the advantage provided to introduce one of the finest and most consistent quality of food-grade resin available in West Africa today.

Company Overview

We are well equipped to deliver at whatever volume.

We produce several grades of PET resin with distinctive properties and for different applications.

Largest production capacity in West Africa to the tune 150,000 tonnes per annum.

Based in Ogun State. Ideal location to service both local and regional markets.

We are accredited to supply globally.

Daily production capacity of 450 tonnes.

We are a company equipped with skilled workforce and global expertise.

Our corporate values

Let people respect you for who you are as a person not for the chair you sit on or the position you carry. Encourage Openness from all levels & accept opinions.


We respect all, irrespective of grade, culture, creed, ethnicity or religious background in work and deed.


Humility is the key to people’s heart…
let it reflect in our behavior.

We keep commitments & promises.

Maintain the highest level of standards in all aspects of work. Benchmark oneself.

We take decisions based on Principles of Fairness, Human Dignity, Honesty, Potential and Growth.

Take ownership and responsibility of the tasks assigned, team members and your environment.

We consciously try to build trust in ourselves. We believe “Trust without Controls is a Recipe for Disaster and possible Mistrust”. So, Inspect what you Expect.

Demonstrate real effort to keep your promises.

Have the courage to accept others opinions, especially when we don’t agree with them. Actively encourage our juniors to speak up.

Work together to develop strategies that win/win.

When we do win, we all win as a Group. Individuals winning a battle, don’t win the war.