Social Responsibility

Engee PET believes in building and
maintaining a healthy relationship with its host community based on common goals, transparency and collaborative conversation, that will lead to a strong relationship based on trust.

Community Development

We believe that our existence at lgbesa provides an opportunity to promote the development of the local economy by boosting local employment and supporting local vendors to join our value chain. In the future, we intend to assist the community by promoting the development of innovative and sustainable projects that have a rewarding social impact.

We have been very sincere in developing and maintaining constructive relationships with the lgbesa community via a two-way engagement and dialogue to build trust and foster genuine collaboration. Some of our contributions are:

Approximately 45% of our team members are from the community

We support the host community with financial aid and donation of products all through the year.


In 2018, the lgbesa Club awarded us an honorary “Corporate Membership”, in recognition of our adherence to the ideals of CSR.


EngeePET has received the Environment Impact Assessment Clearance from Federal Government for CP and SSP. Engee PET maintains a dedicated Environment Management Officer and a continuous review of:
• Discharge process
• Water consumption
• Waste generation
• Air & water quality
• State of the art effluent treatment plant
• Zero water discharge
• Rain water harvesting

EngeePET-Circular-Economy-01 1


Engee PET Completes the Circular Economy of Plastics in Nigeria.

  • PET is infinitely recyclable.
  • PET bottles drive big transportation savings – 1.5-2X per truck more than glass bottles.
  • PET bottles have up to 70% less greenhouse gas
    emissions than other packaging types.
  • PET bottles produce less product waste due to its resistance to breakage and denting.